90-minute CHOCO-TOURS today: 10:15 am – 6 pm

 90-minute CHOCO-TOURS today: 10:15 am – 6 pm

Our Team - Powered by chocolate

More than 80 ChoColleagues make sure that you receive a warm welcome at the ticket desk, experience an exciting Choco-tour and find what you are looking for our shop. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Group Reservation

Yana Goebel

“Life is like a chocolate that you enjoy piece by piece and savour slowly.”

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Managing Director

Stephanie Schaub

“Strength is the ability to break a bar of chocolate into four parts – and then only eat one of them.”

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Experience Manager

Irit-Marie Lenz (in parental leave)

“Life without chocolate is like an ocean without water.”

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Head of marketing, sales and PR

Ulrike Albrecht

“I do not just eat chocolate, I give the calories a home.”

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Head of ticketing

Sandra von Bargen

“Studies show that 14 out of 10 people like chocolate.”


Head of corporate marketing

Birte Dendler

“Because a day without chocolate is a lost day.”

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Head of exhibition management

Anne Merle Stribeck

“For a tasty piece of chocolate I might put down my cup of hot chocolate.”


Exhibition Management

Nadja Bräunlich

“A piece of chocolate contains just as much energy as you need to take another bite.”


Event Management

Stina Meier

“Chocolate makes you happy and expels dementors.”


Store manager

Hanna Holst

“Chocolate is art for the soul.”

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Store Management

Martina Kleemann

“I only eat chocolate on days that end with an Y.”


Purchasing Officer

Anna Tschupak

“Chocolate that does NOT make you fat … That would be it! But NO, we have to fly to the moon!”


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