Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm

CHOCOVERSUM by Hachez - The chocolate museum in Hamburg

This irresistible experience in Hamburg’s Chocolate Museum really packs a punch! Because with us, snacking doesn`t happen secretly but instead is celebrated as a true experience. Our ChoColleagues will take you on 90 sweet minutes through the museum while encouraging you to learn everything about chocolate making and have a nibble, snack or taste along the way. Let your imagination run wild in our chocolate workshop whilst creating your own chocolate bar and take home your own “happiness-to-go” at the end. Until then, chocoholics of all ages get to experience every single step in the production process of chocolate first hand and up close – from the bitter cocoa bean to the sweetest Gold. Recharge your Choco-battery with us!

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No matter whether pesto, beer or BBQ sauce – every product here contains cocoa. We welcome all the chocoholics 7 days a week.