Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10 am to 6pm

Sweet & Salty

More than 250.000 tons of cocoa are transported through the Hamburg harbour every year. Here lies the true source of the sweet gold. Enjoy a 2 hour harbour tour and come into close contact with big ships and container terminals, the growing harbour city, and the historic Speicherstadt. Provided with coffee and cake, the tour leads all the way to Blankenese. The CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ awaits you as soon as you’re back on land. Once there, you will experience live how the bitter beans turn into the finest chocolate. You will be indulged with plenty of samples and even create your own bar of chocolate.

Duration: about 3-3.5 hours Maximum number of participants: 120 Prices: schools/group of adolescents: 24,50 EUR per person from 20 participants adults: 34 EUR per person from 20 participants

Included is a 1 hour harbour tour, coffee and a piece of cake on board, admission to the CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ, a 90 minute tour with plenty of samples as well as one bar of chocolate of your own creation per person.

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