Powered by chocolate

About Us

On the 3rd of December we opened our doors at the CHOCOVERSUM by HACHEZ. Since then we have been able to welcome and greet over one million guests. The idea for a chocolate museum originated from the premium-manufacturer Hachez, as guided tours through their manufacturing facilities aren’t feasible for hygienic reasons.

Powered by chocolate

We are very dedicated to our guests and their individual needs. We practice hospitality with commitment and sincerity and want to create 100% happiness.

Our ChoColleagues are our most precious commodity. We strive to be the best possible employer for them and work collectively on common goals with them. In return we expect dedication and a respectful attitude towards others, resources and one’s surroundings.

Our corporate culture is based on passion, loyalty, professional skills and a distinct sense of belonging.

The CHOCOVERSUM is a privately-owned museum aiming to operate as an economically profitable business. We remind ourselves on a daily basis that this task requires our focused attention to every detail however small or large.

In addition, we are a part of the Wissenswelten Management GmbH and function as experts in operating museums, theme parks and brand experiences. Within the corporation we strive to always be a role model as well as offer our expertise across various projects. In order to do so, we use our daily business at the CHOCOVERSUM to test and evaluate ideas and to gather expert knowledge. The CHOCOVERSUM is our playground: We want to pass anything and everything we learn from this project on to others in our industry.

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